Language Arts Writing

The Writing Process

1) Pre-writing

  • Collect your ideas and information
  • Brainstorming
  • Research

2) Drafting

  • Get all your ideas arranged into a first draft of your story or report or poem (any piece of writing)

3) Editing
  • Does the writing make sense? Do you understand what the author is trying to say?
  • Are there parts of the story that are too long or too short?
  • Are there words that could be improved? Could you use synonyms to make the writing more powerful?
  • Is there a part of the story that could be rewritten to make it better? What would your suggestions be?
  • Give examples of how parts of the story could be rewritten to be more powerful, more interesting, more creative, more exciting or scarier.
  • An editors job is to help make the writing better! Give suggestions and examples that will help make the story better!

4) Proofreading
  • We check that all the G.C.O.P.S.are perfect
  • G.C.O.P.S. = Grammar, Capitals, Organization, Punctuation, Spelling

5) Formatting
  • Arrange the work on the page
  • Select the best font and size
  • Maybe add images, text boxes, spacing, etc
  • Make it look great on the page(s)

6) Publishing
  • Present your work to an audience
  • This may mean printing it, sharing it on-line, creating a presentation or poster board, how ever you choose to share your work
  • This is the final copy - the good copy - the one that is presented.